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Loved by founders, agencies, developers, designers
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Wow! Thank you for such detailed analyzes. I will use it as a roadmap for my next steps. It is a great example how useful it is to get advice from a great tool!

Thank you for the feedback! I wasn't expecting this level of someting

There is some invaluable feedback here and I will definitely try to do some adjustments as suggested

This is such valuable feedback! Totally agree about adding testimonials, that's coming soon along with utilizing testimonials.

I'm amazed about how many low hanging fruits we missed on our SaaS site. The feedback will help us improve massively

DesignRoasts is fantasic! The feedback is super insightful and practical. We are working on clearly communicating our value prop, thanks!

Sound like you?

1. Launch a feature or idea

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2. Don't show it to anyone

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3. Realise glaring issues

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Roast example

Q: How can it be improved so that users understand what widgets can be added?


Great tool for obtaining a different perspective, especially when working on something

Title here

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What exactly do I get?

A board full of stickies that contain constructive criticism aimed at improving your product. It’s not just about pointing out what’s wrong, but offering insights and actionable feedback you can implement to improve your product immediately:

- Feedback on the user experience, focusing on how intuitive and user-friendly your product is
- An in-depth analysis of your product's visual and interactive design, addressing aesthetics, layout, and user interface
- A review of the copy and content within your product, evaluating clarity, tone, and effectiveness in communication

How critical is the feedback?

The feedback focuses on providing valuable insights. We strive to balance the critiques with positive, practical feedback to encourage improvement. All feedback is personalised to your product.

What are the costs?

Simple $8.97 subscription. Cancel anytime

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